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The Final Plan The Final Plan

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I like the melodic progression of this track. It just feels right. It's a decent jam, and the overall volume of everything feels about right, but it lacks real "oomph".

Past the intro the synths feel kind of busy in the upper mids. That washy noise sound doesn't help with this over populated feel. the slower section in the middle seems to lack really presence. The bass feels especially unpronounced.

Overall, I think the composition is alright. The sound choice and mixing need some work to really bring this track to it's full potential though.

SwaggyPig007 responds:

Yeah I knew I should've removed that washy sound. I admit the start part is kinda weird with those leads but my favourite is when the washy thing ends around 2:08. Your totally right about bass though, but tbh bass in Auxy is absolute crap*. Sadly, using very little or next to none isn't a workaround xD

*Well, its not great, but you can do some good things with it

Grindrail Grindrail

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Something about the first pattern really piques my interest. In comparison with the rest of the song, everything else falls flat.

Your synths all feel pretty good. You've got a bunch of different/interesting elements throughout the track, but they never really "wow" me. I feel like you were trying to make up for the tracks simple melodic structure by adding in all the different instruments and elements you have going on here.

You took a break from the main pattern around 1:27, and at 2:02 ish, but neither the new piano pattern or the synth bit really felt like an exciting change. Even as the track builds to the final section, it feels a little too busy, and doesn't seem to grab me like the intro bit did.

I realize this sounds fairly negative, but I can't complain too much. Your track is certainly not bad, though I feel let down after the first 19 or so seconds. The feeling the intro gives me... With the piano stabs, the subtle change in the bass pattern (when it does the double stabs, on the third bar of each loop), the slow rise with the filter on the bass, the little drum fill thing before it loops. It's hard to explain.. but man, that's damn near flawless in my mind.

Overall I think your intro is a sweet hook, but the pattern gets over used. The track lacks noticeable variation, and seems to be a little lengthy for the amount of substance that's available. I can't complain about the mixing or mastering. The sounds themselves all feel good, and are relatively loud. This track was reasonably well made, but, other than the intro, failed to excite me. Keeps making music dude. If you can get me this excited off of a single loop, I'll gladly stick around for your other tracks.

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SwaggyPig007 responds:

:) You bet I will!

Automation Automation

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, I don't really know what to say. You did an excellent job on this. I can't really come up with any faults. The melody work is pretty darn good, the overall progression keeps the song interesting, and that ominous bass is so interesting! (It never really comes into focus, it's kinda lurking behind the rest of the track. What exactly is it?)

The very first intro melody is my least favourite, something about it seems a little off, but the rest of the track completely overshadows that minor flaw. (I especially like the first lead square melody around 0:40)
Those panned chip things around 1:20 are also pretty cool. I like whatever sort of rhythm they have going there. Also, just following that section, I really like your use of the glissando slide/roll things things.

Overall, I'm quite impressed. Very well done.

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Zechnition responds:

Thanks for your review! ♡ When I made the track I could sort of tell that the main melody was pretty good, great to know I was right. :D Also the "ominous bass" is a combination of a violin sample and an ~75% pulse wave synth, dipping in and out of the synth at times.